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Plating – Coating & Surface Treatments


Plate All Metal specializes in Electroless Nickel, Industrial Hard Chrome, Cadmium and Bright Acid Tin plating. Our technical support and customer service is second to none. Plate All Metal has led the way through on-going research and development of plating processes with quality control procedures designed to meet the metal finishing demands of tomorrow. With a 27,000 AMP capacity and our own anode-fabrication shop, we are able to meet the industrial plating needs of your business today, in the quickest time possible. Plate All Metal is Akron’s pioneer in plating for over 68 years.


Industrial Hard Chrome

A heavy, dense deposit of chrome used to provide wear resistance on such parts as pistons, cylinders, aircraft, engine parts, cutting tools, dies, oil tool parts and valves. Also used on printing plates for printing everything from money to catalogs. Iterations of hard chrome include flash and thin dense chrome, a pure, nodular chrome with many of the positive characteristics of hard chrome, without the build up.

Certified Cadmium

A silver-white deposit used to minimize galvanic corrosion on parts or assemblies consisting of dissimilar metals such as brass and steel, for its corrosion protection properties in certain harsh environments, and for its high lubricity.

Electroless Nickel

The chemical deposition of nickel coating on a substrate by immersion in the appropriate plating solution. Electricity is not involved in this process, therefore, uniform deposits can easily be obtained which posses unique mechanical, chemical or magnetic properties. Electroless nickel provides better corrosion and chemical resistance, greater hardness, wear resistance and lubricity than electroplated nickel.


Our Nickel line yields a semi-bright to bright finish which is ideal for high corrosion resistance with excellent ductibility. For those in need of nickel plated parts, our process offers plating uniformity on steel, stainless, copper alloys and other metals.

Bright Acid Tin

A white, non-toxic, solderable, soft deposit useful for its resistance to corrosion and tarnish. Since tin is non-toxic, it is used as a coating on sheet steel for making “tin cans”, food handling equipment and contact parts for the electronic industry.

Our experienced and skilled plating professionals use the latest in technology to assure that your plating specifications are met.