Plate All Metal | About Us
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About Us

Since 1947, The Plate All Metal Company has supplied the Automotive, Construction, Military and General Industrial markets with quality metal plating services. Plate All Metal specializes in Electroless Nickel, Industrial Hard Chrome, Cadium and Bright Acid Tin plating by offering the highest level of technical support and customer service. Our committment to service is second to none.


At our state-of-the-art facility in Akron, Ohio we have led the way through on-going research and development of plating processes with quality control procedures designed to meet the metal finishing demands of tomorrow. With a 27,000 AMP capacity and our own anode-fabrication shop, we are able to meet the industrial plating needs of your business today, in the quickest time possible.

Why Choose Us

At Plate All Metal Company, we understand that unbeatable service combined with high quality plating and performance will produce a lasting business “Partnership” which is mutually beneficial to us and our plating customers.

Service is Our Best Value

Today, more than ever before, fast and reliable delivery is essential. At Plate All Metal Company we don’t put up with late shipments, backorders, or excuses. Keen management and dedicated employees ensure that every order we receive is processed, plated and shipped on time. We also offer emergency plating services if you’re ever in a bind.

Our experienced and skilled plating professionals use the latest in technology to assure that your plating specifications are met.